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Posts from the ‘puppetry skills’ Category

Bringing puppets and objects to life

February 3, 2012


Exercises, games and improvisations to develop various aspects of animating the inanimate. Read more

Understanding life in the puppet

February 1, 2012


How does a puppet give the illusion that it is alive? This course looks at the transformation of the puppet as inanimate object into puppet as a living character, Read more

Who do we see? Puppet or puppeteer?

January 31, 2012


This practical course explores various aspects of when actors and objects share the stage; how different amounts of presence and neutrality can be used for dramatic effect; Read more

Puppets and the laws of nature

January 28, 2012


When an inanimate object moves according to the laws of nature – using, for example, impulse or rhythm – we believe it to be ‘alive’.  Yet, being a puppet, it can also break these laws. Read more

Puppets and emotions

January 10, 2012


Tools to develop the expressivity of the puppet’s body language and a look at different ways objects can convey feelings and attitudes without relying on words.   Read more

The puppet as teacher of acting

January 4, 2012


Training with puppets and objects not only provides actors with an additional skill – how to give life to an inanimate object – but brings them face to face with the fundamentals of acting. Read more

Expressive objects: an introduction

January 3, 2012


A playful introduction to the expressive possibilities of puppets and objects. Read more