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Making puppets from found materials

October 30, 2017


I will be teaching the course Construir títeres de materials encontrados  in Barcelona, 8-10 December 2017.   To book contact:

The course will be taught in Spanish.

Making puppets from found materials is about drawing inspiration from the object’s intrinsic qualities to create a character. Participants will explore a variety of “stuff” to discover what different materials have to offer and will learn to use form, texture and movement to inform the puppet’s character. Everyone will make at least two puppets and in the process will answer essential questions such as should the material be altered or left as it is? What type of joint will create the right kind of movement? Do I need a control mechanism and where should it be located? The course is suitable for all levels and no previous puppet-building experience is needed.

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  1. Anita #
    October 30, 2017

    Oh what a shame – in Spanish and in Spain! Hope it all goes well. Will be interested if such a course comes to Edinburgh!


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