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Directing: el drama del desencantado, 2010

The performance of el drama del desencantado was inspired by a micro story by Gabriel García Márquez :

 … the drama of a disillusioned man who threw himself out of a tenth storey apartment and whilst falling saw through the windows the private lives of his neighbours, the small domestic tragedies, the clandestine loves, the brief moments of happiness, news of which had never reached the public stairwell, so that at the instant of crashing against the pavement he had completely changed his view of the world and had reached the conclusion that the life he was abandoning for ever by the false door was indeed worth living.

The End

( microcuenos.htm, translated by Rene Baker)

So what did the man see? What can make the difference between dying and living? In a spirit of magical realism, twelve window frames are manipulated to trace the evolution of the disillusioned man’s fall until through the last window he finally meets himself.

El drama del desencantado was devised with 3rd year physical theatre students of the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona)

Designed and directed by: Rene Baker

Performers: Isaac Bonillo, Laia Cabrera, Laura Calvet, Roger Casas, Ivan Giménez, Maria Karol’ova, Andreu Martínez, Mercè Sancho

Puppet: property of Institut del Teatre (possibly made for a workshop with Philippe Genty)

Technical support by the students of School of Performing Arts Technology, tutored by Mémé Boya (lighting), Alex Polls (sound), Xavier Burzón (stage management).

Photos: Antonio LLorens (except for 4, 12, 14)

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