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Directing: R.I.P., 2009

R.I.P. was a performance created with 3rd year physical theatre students at the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona). Our starting point was a desire to explore the theatrical possibilities of everyday objects, from realism to poetic theatre, and to exploit the object’s narrative power and potential for non-verbal communication.

The drama unfolds as family and friends arrive to say their last goodbyes to Antonio (deceased), and whilst realistic dialogue is used to articulate the relationships between the living characters – daughter, ex-wife, brothers, nephew, friend, lover – each character’s relationship to Antonio is expressed through the objects in his apartment that are brought to life as memories, fantasies, resentments, desires. Without saying a word, objects speak as signs and metaphors.

To give just one example … as his ex-wife tenderly reminisces about how much in love she and Antonio were when they married – how they wanted to be together for ever and ever “until death us do part” – she is putting a padlock on her ring finger. The object speaks louder than her words do to explain the truth of their marriage. And as his ex-wife becomes more bitter, Antonio comes to life in the form of a hat, a pair of glasses and red underpants, and she is able to take her revenge.

R.I.P. won the audience vote of best performance at the 14th edition of Barcelona theatre festival, La Mostra de Teatre, 2009.

Designed and directed by Rene Baker

Performers: Nicolás Carbajal, Raúl Gimeno, Paula Isiegas, Óscar Kapoya, David Marín, Gabriel Molina, Mariona Naudín, Santi Pérez, Verónica Rieldbauchová.

Technical support was by the students of the School of Performing Arts Technology, tutored by Oriol Puig (lighting), Alex Polls (sound), Pere Milán (stage management)

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