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Directing: Mieliteko, 2008

Mieliteko was a performance created as a group devised project with 2nd year puppetry students of the Turku Academy of the Arts, Turku, Finland.

The project was originated and produced by Anna Ivanova-Brashinskaya and its point of departure was the link between Estonia and Finland, drawing on the ancient Finnish and Estonian myths of the Kalevala and the Kalevipoeg, and the nature that is common to both countries.

The materials animated were sticks, stones, leaves, water, fragments of the human body and white dresses. Sound was created live by the performers, who composed acapellas for sticks and stones and sang in Finnish and Estonian.

Mieliteko was performed in Turku (Finland) and at festivals in Tallinn, Estonia (Tallinn Treff, 2008) and Berlin, Germany (Versuchung, 2009)

Designed and directed by: Rene Baker.

Performers:  Original cast – Erika Aalto, Sirpa Järvenpää, Katri Kalda, Sandra Lange, Johanna Latvala, Nanna Mäkinen, Henrika Nieminen, Katri Pekri, Mirko Rajas, Meeri Sorjonen, Katariina Tamm, Riina Tikkanen.

Lighting design: Marko Kallela


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